Areas of study

My current area of study is Supply and Transport in the Soviet Army during the Russo-German War 1941-5. This has a rich source of Russian material although very little is written in English and there is sparse coverage by English language authors. Given a widespread lack of knowledge, it is important to use a "Comparative History" approach and lay out German methods alongside the Soviet ones to compare and contrast them. The Russo-German War faces numerous historiographic issues which have been highlighted by David Glantz. He has written extensively about the dangers of an over reliance on German archival sources and personal accounts. However since 1992 and particularly in the last ten years, the release of original material by the Russian Ministry of Defence has made this task easier and a new generation of Russia authors has written on a wide array of subjects. It is to be deplored that some Western authors continue to churn out operational books based solely on German sources without reference to the 'Other side of the hill'.


Study Areas

  • Soviet Army in the Russo-German War 1941-1945
  • Prussian/German Army supply and transport 1745-1945
  • British Army logistics 1715-1945
  • Logistics of the C18th and C19th
  • Civilian transport covering the same time periods

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Most of my career has been spent working in academic publishing on both the books and journals side, for a number of publishing houses concerned with history, international studies and military studies. These included

publishing houses

  • Frank Cass Publishing
  • Taylor and Francis
  • Yale University Press


H. G. W. Davie

H. G. W. Davie